What’s the secret ingredient to Larry David-core style?

Larry David normcore style

I enjoyed this Guardian feature on Larry David’s costume design. It looks at how the Curb Your Enthusiasm character’s style has evolved over the years and how his post-normcore ‘look’ has infiltrated fashion – via TikTok of course.

A key takeaway: real-life Larry takes the clothes home after a season’s filming and the costume designer, Leslie Schilling often spots him re-wearing certain pieces in TV interviews, mixed with his own clothes. That co-mingling of character and real-life persona through the medium of clothes is a genius storytelling tool. It blurs the line even more between Larry David the person and Larry David the character (more…)

Dries Van Noten: Say it ain’t so!

Dries van Noten X Gill Button

A sad week for Dries heads. It’s just been announced Dries Van Noten is stepping down from his namesake brand after 38 years and the fashion world is in mourning.

A thoroughly nice (and normal!) guy who respects women, a brilliantly consistent designer who charms through clever juxtapositions (more…)

Quote of the day: Vanessa Friedman on why fashion matters

Vanesa Friedman on personal style

“It’s a gesture of respect for yourself and those around you. The momentum has been building since the world emerged from pandemic isolation, cycling out of comfort clothing into confusion, tugged toward the allure of the recent FX series about Capote’s “Swans,” and the erstwhile rituals of dress. Remembering what it means to construct the public self.”
Vanessa Friedman on the conviction of personal style, New York Times (unlocked link) (more…)

Tod’s AW24: Press here


Two quick takeaways from the Tod’s AW24 show. Precision-pressed creases on overlong tailored trousers to give a super-lengthening effect to legs (above and below). And the double-shirt styling – so simple and achievable (above and bottom).

Pressed creases are a trend that continues where Prada left off. Mrs Prada, that is. Her deliberate steam-creased skirt folds went viral after appearing in M Le magazine du Monde last year (below). But if you’re going to attempt this look, do it like you mean it. (more…)