Peter Lindbergh, the street photographer

Peter Lindbergh Dior New York Times Square

Sorry to be a Peter Lindbergh bore but this new photo book looks like a total gem.

Only Lindbergh could persuade Dior to ship 80-odd couture outfits from its temperature-controlled Paris vaults to the streets of New York. The grimy streets of Times Square no less, where Lindbergh and his team shot his favourite supermodels street photographer style, sans the OTT hair and make-up that would normally accompany such finery on the runway for his book, Dior by Peter Lindbergh.

Peter Lindbergh Dior New York Times Square

The outfits span the 70-year Dior archive, from hand-sewn constructions by Christian Dior himself, to recent creations by Maria Grazia Chiuri. In the spirit of 1950s couture editorial photography, the contrast of the elegant gowns against the grit of the street is as bold as ever. I’m intrigued by the shot of Alek Wek, above. That looks like it *could* be an original Dior bar jacket, but I’m wincing for the stylist whose neck would be on the block should there be the slightest tear in the wasp waist, or trace of foundation on the collar.

If you’re a lover of the street photographer greats and Lindbergh, then this will likely appeal. It comes cloth bound in a double volume, the second volume being a collection of Lindbergh’s editorial photography of Dior clothing over the years. Not so interesting to me as the street photography volume, but a fantastic package overall.

Dior by Peter Lindbergh is £150 and will be available from Taschen any day now. Pre-order here* and watch the video here.

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: Dior by Peter Lindbergh
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The DRG Style Index: Ralph Lauren, Prada X Adidas, Keith Haring

Here’s the latest DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands and industry stories currently buzzing on my radar…


Ralph Lauren HBO documentary
In the 20-teens you’re no one if you haven’t had a documentary made about you. The Ralph Lauren story, Very Ralph, airs on HBO this Tuesday, but according to the NYT it’s as saccharine as a Polo ad campaign. In response to the lack of scandalous ‘tea’, Ralph said, “Can people believe there might be people out there who might be honorable? They can’t believe it. They won’t be happy unless they find out that I’m a killer or I did something bad.”


Prada Adidas long term collaboration

In an era where there’s ‘an exciting new brand collab’ every day, the Prada X Adidas union is one of the most buzzworthy. This long-term project aims to “investigate the realms of heritage, technology and innovation – and to challenge conventional wisdom through unexpected strategies,” according to WWD. I would love to see this collab marry all three, rather than exploring each facet separately. I’m not that interested in Prada’s take on a Stan Smith but I’m totally up for some Prada-fied hi-tech Adidas garb. The first drop will be two limited edition Prada for Adidas footwear styles, made by Prada in Italy, landing in December, so not long to wait.


Keith Haring New York Nightlife book by Dave Haslam

I’m shocked and saddened that I didn’t get my arse to Liverpool for the Keith Haring Tate exhibition. What kind of loser fan am I? Here’s praying someone brings it to London. In the meantime, Dave Haslam’s mini-book, We The Youth: Keith Haring’s New York Nightlife sounds excellent. P.S. I’m also rather partial to this Etudes KH sweater* and this Fiorucci X Keith Haring collab* (I’ve seen both IRL and I can confirm it’s all fab).


Love him or no, you’ve got to admire Banksy’s business strategy. His new merch site, Gross Domestic Product sells entry point products for genuine fans, e.g. not collectors. So just to nip any ideas of ‘flipping’ (aka buying things with the goal of reselling at a higher price) in the bud, prospective customers are asked to register and answer a joining question, ‘does art matter?’. LOLZ

The next Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute show will be a conceptual affair. ‘About Time: Fashion and Duration’ looks at fashion through the lens of time, especially apt for 2020 I feel. It might not sound as instantly appealing as past shows, but personally, I love the idea. Vanessa Friedman’s musings are worth a read and if you haven’t seen The First Monday In May, you simply must

More exhibition news: London College of Fashion is showing Streetstyle: From Teddy Boys to Grime Kids, from this Friday (Trinity Art Gallery, Unit 22, Hope St, E14 0LG). Exploring the history and evolution of subcultural style, it looks at the underground scenes that helped shape popular culture, with Grime as a modern-day focus. Look out for Zandra Rhodes’ 1977 Conceptual Chic collection and Fiona Cartledge’s 1990s Sign of the Times archive. Note: it’s only on til 7th December, so no snoozing on this one

Speaking of Zandra Rhodes, I loved this podcast hosted by Camilla Morton*, first in a new Liberty series called Non Conformists

Kathy Sledge’s new song with Horsemeat Disco is my earworm of the month and her interview on Ross Allen’s NTS show is gold

Yet more listening pleasures, does anyone remember Jo Whiley’s music discussion TV show in the late 90s? In an extended bout of Google rabbit holing, I came across these gems from a 1998 episode with Bernard Sumner, Keith Flint and Jarvis Cocker describing their parts in the early rave years. Listen to part 1 and part 2 here (warning: autoplays!)


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: Ralph Lauren; Prada X Adidas; We The Youth: Keith Haring’s New York Nightlife
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Veja performance trainers: form or function?

Veja performance trainers Condor

You should by now be no stranger to Veja. You know, the cult French eco-trainer brand seen on every tastemaker of note, recognised by its minimalist white V10 sneakers with the distinctive V logo. There was a good piece in the FT recently (sub req*) on how the brand rose to €60 million turnover.

But two things jumped out at me. (more…)

Lacoste: ‘a uniform for busy lives’

Lacoste by Anders Edstrom

This is a good read in How To Spend It about the new Lacoste, as reimagined by Louise Trotter. Menswear jackets have been cut by a Parisian military tailor using Japanese technical wools, which gives them instant utility-luxe kudos in my book. And the oversized deconstructed knits are just fab. (more…)