Jo Malone Christmas 2018 gift guide

Jo Malone Christmas 2018

There was a Very Important Player missing from the round of Christmas press days this summer. The Jo Malone Christmas gift offer was noticeable by its absence, so I was very happy to finally see it at the press day earlier this week.

Jo Malone’s
Christmas gift items are something of a cult. The advent calendars famously have customers who place their names on the waiting list a year in advance. And the beauty cracker is the stuff of legend, one of the first on the market in what has now become a huge industry of mini-sized items disguised as crackers and tree ornaments. This year’s advent calendar (£300, below, crammed with colognes and candles) will be available exclusively at Harrods on 1st October and then rolled out nationwide on 1st November.

Jo Malone Christmas 2018 advent calendar
Jo Malone Christmas 2018 advent calendar

The packaging itself is a major pull for Jo Malone London’s Christmas collection. Last year was an offbeat combo of saccharine pink and green, designed by Jonathan Saunders. I loved it and I also loved the special Green Almond & Redcurrant candle that was one of the hero pieces. This year, the look is more disco-tastic hologram effect with a couple of limited edition perfume bottles (Pommegranate Noir and English Pear & Freesia) dipped in what looks like golden fairy dust to up the festive factor.

Every year delivers a special Christmas perfume, so this year we get the elegant, outdoorsy scent of White Moss and Snowdrop (£96), which also comes in a deluxe scented candle (£126). This is fresh and woodsy and something you can wear well beyond the festive season. I also love the delicious, slightly fizzy, warming ginger, called Ginger Biscuit. Banish all thought of eau de fake tan though; if you love gourmand notes then you’ll love this.

Jo Malone Christmas 2018 ginger biscuit cologne

Good news for fans of another Jo Malone Christmas favourite; Orange Bitters. It’s back as a cologne (£96) and a home candle (£47) this year. And if you love all the colognes, or are a big fan of fragrance combining, then there’s a very indulgent mega-set of 9ml minis. The luxury cologne collection is £370.

As usual, there is also a customisable jumbo cracker which you can fill with products of your choosing. And the standard cracker (£36) is back, filled with a Red Roses 9ml Cologne, English Oak & Redcurrant Body Crème and Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Wash.

Jo Malone Christmas 2018
Jo Malone Christmas 2018
Jo Malone Christmas 2018 cracker
Jo Malone Christmas 2018 ginger biscuit cologne.
o Malone Christmas 2018 customisable jumbo cracker
Jo Malone Christmas 2018 jumbo miniature cologne set
Jo Malone Christmas 2018 mini cologne set
Jo Malone Christmas 2018 white Moss and snowdrop candle
Jo Malone Christmas 2018 Orange Bitters cologne.

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