About Disneyrollergirl

About disneyrollergirl


Way back in 2007, while I was working as the fashion director of a magazine, I found myself seduced by the immediacy and no-bullshit tone of the fashion blogs that were emerging from the U.S. Being strictly non-techy, I decided I was up for the challenge of sharing my own anonymous industry-insider musings online and thus, Disneyrollergirl* was born. (Why ‘Disneyrollergirl’? It’s a hybrid of my favourite Beach Boys song Disney Girls, and my obsession with 70s rollerskating nostalgia.) It was the very early days of blogging and the UK community was tiny. Which meant that by commenting on each other’s blogs and genuinely engaging with each other, it didn’t take that long to grow a dedicated following.

Although the industry has changed a huge amount, the blog in essence is pretty much the same. I still talk about fashion from a personal perspective although it’s definitely a blog about fashion, not me. I write all my posts myself apart from the ones by retail editor Alison Farrington, who covers retail trends and insights.

Over the years Disneyrollergirl has expanded to include exclusive access to design workshops and factories, original editorial shoots, my film series Petit Déjeuner in colaboration with filmmaker Emma Miranda Moore, as well as beauty features, my DRG Style Index news digests and regular shopping edits. It also serves as a showcase for my freelance work (you can see more of my work on my website Navazbatliwalla.com – my editorial clients include Glamour, Grazia, Grazia India, Bon, The Pool, Jigsaw, Bally and H&M).

I have worked in fashion for a long time! I intended to be a fashion illustrator (I still dabble a bit, with my trusty Apple Pencil), but got sidetracked into styling and then writing. In 2014, I was approached by a publisher who asked me to submit book ideas. I proposed The New Garconne – How to be a Modern Gentlewoman to them and it was published by Laurence King in September 2016. You can buy it here.

Increasingly I’m interested in brands and products than have a real reason to exist and are made to last. I love stumbling across something new and niche but also appreciate heritage brands that have outlasted their competitors. That said, I’m not averse to the odd kitsch novelty or huge dose of fabulosity and I do love a nostalgic 90s blast from the past. (The 90s wasn’t that long ago, surely? Oh wait…) It’s always a joy to collaborate with brands I love and to share the knowledge. Recent brand collaborations include Chanel, Dior, Smythson, Turnbull & Asser, Levi’s, Grenson and Shinola.

SOCIAL MEDIA: How we’ve grown in eleven years! The global DRG community now extends beyond this site across multiple platforms. Please follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Google Plus, Pinterest, Villoid and YouTube.

HIRE ME: If you’d like to discuss opportunities for freelance writing, styling, editorial consultancy or commercial projects related to Disneyrollergirl, please contact me or my management here.

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*Remember – Disneyrollergirl is always written as one word