Time well spent

Elizabeth Peyton

Observation: When you buy a book or a magazine, what you’re really buying is time. Time to get away from fast information, time to get lost in stories, ideas, theories or just idle page-turning.

I find it harder to get into books these days – the lure of the phone is too strong! But I realise that’s because the apps are designed to be as addictive as Las Vegas slot machines (it’s the apps, not the phones*). So I’m trying to ween myself off screens and spend more time with print. (Um, sorry Graydon Carter…)

The print magazines that currently get my attention are the ‘bookazines’ that aren’t time-dependent. So the bi-annuals and the less frequent zines that come when they come. I like Apartamento, The Gentlewoman, Self Service and Upstate Diary. They’re expensive and that’s because they’re good.

The men’s magazine Jocks & Nerds has come back after a hiatus with a higher cover price of £25. But there’s not a single ad therein, which means no compromise. I’m not sure how sustainable it is as a business model, but I think it’s worth paying the price to support the culture of print. Plus the content and production values are excellent; you learn about interesting people, the paper stock is lush, the photography is beautiful. Compared to an average monthly, you’re paying for a luxury experience. I mean, you’d pay the same for a highly forgettable lunch in a London chain restaurant.

And then there are the news supplements. It was revealed this week that the FT’s How To Spend It magazine has a new editor. Jo Ellison (currently fashion editor and associate editor) will be taking over from Gillian de Bono in September and I expect it will see a huge shake-up. Luxury newspaper supplements are big business and for me, How To Spend It has always been one of the best. I actually based my interviews for The New Garconne on The Aesthete section. I’m sure an afternoon paging through HTSI will continue to be time well spent.

*I recommend this podcast if you want to learn more

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Elizabeth Peyton

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Shop the post: Suzanne Koller x A.P.C

APC X Suzanne Koller

“She wanted the parka to be the colour of her shampoo bottle. So she came in with the shampoo and said: ‘This is the khaki.’”
A.P.C’s Judith Touitou, F.T (paywall)

This week sees the release of Suzanne Koller x A.P.C, a capsule collection of the kind of specificity that’s sure to fly with hardcore A.P.C loyalists. Think a tan wool-cashmere poncho, chunky grey sweater, navy wool-flannel evening djellaba.

You might have thought there were enough ‘perfect’ sweaters, ‘crisp’ shirts and straight leg camel pants in the world but clearly that’s not the case. What I think works here is that Koller (Self Service magazine co-founder and fashion director of M le Monde) and A.P.C are long term collaborators, so there’s a real connection and mutual understanding. And a genuine obsession for hardworking wardrobe perennials.

The cut and fabrications of these twelve pieces look pretty spot on. The only thing I’m wary of is the knitwear (I’ve had unsatisfactory experiences with A.P.C knits in the past), but I’m all for these pants and boots.


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Suzanne Koller x A.P.C
NOTE: Some posts use affiliate links* and PR samples. Please read my privacy and cookies policy here

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Thakoon Panichgul launches HommeGirls

Homme Girls Thakoon

Loving the sound of HommeGirls – Thakoon Panichgul’s multimedia celebration of gentlewoman style. It launches this week with an Instagram account, website and print zine, with plans to monetise later with affiliate links to brands. Also later will come ‘limited runs of repurposed men’s blazers, as well as collaborations with established brands’, according to Vogue. Contributors to the zine include photographers Cass Bird and Vanina Sorrenti, which gets two thumbs up from me. (more…)

Positive beauty: Christy Turlington in Vogue Mexico

Christy Turlington Vogue Mexico

This pic of Christy Turlington practically broke my Instagram feed. I’m not sure if it’s the *actual* Vogue Mexico cover or not, but I love the depiction of a (seemingly unretouched) frowny Christy in a high end fashion shoot. (more…)