Alan and Kenneth

Alan Bennett

While researching my media merch post, I landed on the London Review of Books Youtube channel and binged on Alan Bennett reading his famous diaries.

Absolute bliss.

His diaries from 2017 and 2018 are really interesting as he covers Trump, Brexit and other then-current affairs that are even currenter now. But interlaced with the political morsels are anecdotes about his plays, staycations and luvvie friendships. 2020’s written diaries are here, if you prefer the written word.

I know I must be one of the few who have never read or listened to Bennett’s diaries before, but they remind me of the equally excellent Kenneth Williams diaries* that are always worth dipping into…

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Alan Bennett by Derry Moore

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How to work from home (and actually get things done)

office chair with Hermes throw

While certain sectors of society are keen to get workers back into their offices, others are looking at a longer-term future of working from home. What that future actually looks like is anybody’s guess. But I think we’ve adjusted to the idea that we’ll continue to spend a certain amount of time kitchen table-bound – at least for the short-to-medium term.

Or maybe things have progressed beyond the kitchen table? (more…)

Trend report: what to wear for AW20

Hermes AW20 trend report - photo by Jamie Stoker

What a weird year! It feels odd talking about new-season trends, all things considered, but there is going to be a new season and even if you’re not buying, there are other ways to be inspired by newness. Let’s say it’s also a way of looking forward, so a sort of exercise in cautious optimism. Here’s what’s in the air for AW20… (more…)