What’s the secret ingredient to Larry David-core style?

Larry David normcore style

I enjoyed this Guardian feature on Larry David’s costume design. It looks at how the Curb Your Enthusiasm character’s style has evolved over the years and how his post-normcore ‘look’ has infiltrated fashion – via TikTok of course.

A key takeaway: real-life Larry takes the clothes home after a season’s filming and the costume designer, Leslie Schilling often spots him re-wearing certain pieces in TV interviews, mixed with his own clothes. That co-mingling of character and real-life persona through the medium of clothes is a genius storytelling tool. It blurs the line even more between Larry David the person and Larry David the character (more…)

At Miu Miu SS22 normcore meets corporatecore – complete with New Balance 574s

Miu Miu SS22

Loved the subverted normcore-meets-corporatecore vibes at Miu Miu SS22. The perfect coat, chinos, shorts, button downs and New Balance trainers, all in deconstructed proportions and styled with Miuccia-approved grey socks. And for after work, the chicest appliqued silk skirt suits and shift dresses.

Vogue described it as a ‘back-to-work wardrobe for the post-pandemic age’. As discussed here a year ago and again a couple of months ago, it’s a sign that young office workforce enterers want their slice of the corporate-wear life – but make it Fashion. (more…)

Meet The Modist

The Modist ecommerce site
Last week, the New York Times alerted me to the new e-tail site The Modist (‘luxury modest style for extraordinary women’ is its tag line). Although I’m not a religiously modest dresser, I do like a covered-up leg and oversized silhouette, not to mention lots of layers. (more…)