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What’s the secret ingredient to Larry David-core style?

Larry David normcore style

I enjoyed this Guardian feature on Larry David’s costume design. It looks at how the Curb Your Enthusiasm character’s style has evolved over the years and how his post-normcore ‘look’ has infiltrated fashion – via TikTok of course.

A key takeaway: real-life Larry takes the clothes home after a season’s filming and the costume designer, Leslie Schilling often spots him re-wearing certain pieces in TV interviews, mixed with his own clothes. That co-mingling of character and real-life persona through the medium of clothes is a genius storytelling tool. It blurs the line even more between Larry David the person and Larry David the character (more…)

Costume designer Wendy Chuck on cinematography, colour choices and cultural references

The Holdovers costume designer Wendy Chuck

“Sometimes things happen on the day and I remember the day that Angus sits in the background reading in a tan sweater and noticed the chair was the same color and I brought it up to Alex and Eigil and they were happy to leave it as it was and it actually works that he’s blending into the chair as he’s starting to feel more comfortable there.” (more…)

The collection of Tompkins & Bush: Michael Jackson’s wardrobe

On view now, Michael Jackson’s stage costumes from the Tompkins & Bush collection at the Getty Images Gallery, Westfield Stratford City. You can see the Thriller jacket (customised with reflective panels for maximum stadium visibility), the Swarovski crystal glove, anti-gravity shoes and more from now til 4th November. (more…)