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Diesel does dayglo

Exciting news just in this week that my blog buddy Sophy Robson is doing the nails for Jeremy Scott at LFW. There is definitely a nail thing going on in London right now, and no event is complete without its nail artists in situ. Last week I was tempted down to the Diesel Flash for Fun launch (its glow in the dark collection that lands next month), not by free jeans and tees but by a free day-glo manicure courtesy of WAH Nails.

Not only were the nail artists sweet and super-creative (no French manicures here) but something about the whole shebang with the little toy-like plastic fans on the tables (to dry the nails) and general hubub made the event far friendlier than your average hifalutin fash bash. Well, that and the fact it was held at the Dalston Superstore.

In the basement you could see the clothes in action, glow-in-the-dark stitched jeans reminding me of Helmut Lang’s 1990s reflective dresses and trousers – *looks off wistfully into the middle distance* – anyone else remember these? But truly, the most fun was had upstairs where you couldn’t move for fash-bloggers – Isabelle O’Carroll, Fred Butler, Jaiden James and Rasharn Rva included. Honestly, the only fash-blogger missing was Miss Sophynails herself!

[Nails pics: WAH Nails]

Boys boys boys

Step aside Agynes, Jourdan and the rest, the boys are muscling in. News just in of HERO, a new twice-yearly glossy showcasing the best male models from the international agencies. Not sure who’s behind it but anyone brave/crazy enough to launch a glossy mag in the currant climate gets my wholehearted support. Check it out here.

Get ready for a blog fash-off

Oh blimey! A text from Fred Butler today alerted me to the fact that both our blogs have made the fashion blogs shortlist of the Dazed Digital/Gstar Raw blog awards. And we’re in good company as Business of Fashion, Jak & Jil, Lynn & Horst, July Stars and Kingdom of Style are all in the running too. Exciting! I fancy it will be like Strictly, only with better clothes, no?

Actually, I’m not particularly competitive, I just like having a laugh so I’m not going to harp on about it too much. Although I have put the badge in my sidebar. And emailed everyone I know…