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Just got sent this V V Brown rain poncho pic. I love a rain poncho. I still can’t bring myself to chuck my plastic flamingo-adorned one which holds many a fond memory – in particular a spectacular New Order gig in Hyde Park a few summers ago. Then, more recently, there’s the Marc by Marc silver one that is so big it’s more like a rain kaftan that a poncho. It’s coming everywhere with me this summer if today’s ridic weather is anything to go by (what is this, the monsoon season?).

The V V Brown one is a collaboration with Orange (duh!) who will dole out a free poncho to the first 100 punters who request one from their Chill ‘n’ Charge tent (free mobile phone charging, internet access and V V Brown gig – oh my!) on the Saturday of this year’s Glastonbury festival.

Finally! Luxury market to embrace social media

“As marketing through social media moves to the forefront for many businesses, I think a lot of luxury brands are now saying, ‘How do we get ourselves on Twitter? Do we really want to be there? Does that cheapen us?’ Brands need to figure out a way to still be exclusive within the social media platforms, because it’s an enormous marketing opportunity.”

Interesting report on WWD on the importance of social media to luxury brands.

Design Museum Super Contemporary press preview

So much to take in at the press preview for the new Super Contemporary exhibition at the Design Museum which explores and celebrates London creativity and design. As well as a detailed design timeline that runs along the entire four walls of the space (and the space is pretty big, but not big enough), there are videos, personal maps designed by London creatives and fifteen unique commissions from designers who have been asked to create something that ‘gives back’ to the city of London. My favourite (of course) was the Paul Smith bunny rubbish bin whose ears light up when litter is placed inside. Quirky but practical – who doesn’t love that?

Lots of brilliant magazines on show from Town to Oz to i-D

Pirelli ad by Fletcher/Forbes/Gill incorporating the much-missed Routemaster bus

My friend Simon Porter (key retail figure on the streetwear scene) got name-checked on a map by the Wilson Brothers!

Wayne Hemmingway remembers the wonder that was Kensington Market

I spy an iconic New Order record cover in the not-quite-cleared-up corner. Mancunian sleeve designer Peter Saville was apparently inspired by fashion designers Scott Crolla and Georgina Godley’s Mayfair shop. Wow, I’ve not thought about Scott Crolla for ever!

Anglepoise Fifty Table Light by Anthony Dickens. Mmmmm, not seen this before…

Neville Brody’s Freedom Space – a commentary on London’s surveillance culture
You can go inside this interactive pod and be filmed voicing your opinion on the subject of surveillance

Paul Smith’s lush loafers. Don’t miss the model pose…

If you’re going to visit this exhibition, allow lots of time, possibly with a little break midway. There is masses to see and you WILL want to study it all.

Super Contemporary, Design Museum, 3rd June-4th October 2009, £8.50 adults

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