Pre-order my new book: Face Values

DROP EVERYTHING, it’s a major news day today!

I’m finally able to talk about my second book, Face Values: The New Beauty Rituals and Skincare Secrets, which will be appearing in warehouses any day now and in shops on September 16th.

Face Values: The New Beauty Rituals and Skincare Secrets is not your average beauty how-to book. It’s beauty through a lifestyle lens, a show-and-tell of identity stories, beauty philosophies, wellbeing rituals and relatable skincare revelations from a truly wonderful global line-up of contributors.

What is Bethann Hardison’s unusual relaxation ritual? How did a frustrating skin condition influence Gucci Westman’s make-up line? What’s Linda V Wright’s grey hair hack? Which superstar DJ can’t live without her Byredo candles, Weleda Skinfood and her neti pot? The key takeaway is not to sell you products and ‘perfection’ (although there are product recommendations) but to celebrate the sensorial everyday rituals that make us feel good in an overwhelming world.

While the official launch date is September 16th, the pre-order is almost as important, so if the book piques your interest (or you enjoyed my first book), do consider pre-ordering it from Waterstones*, Barnes & Noble, Walmart*, WHSmith, Foyles, Hatchards, or Amazon* to give it a head start and some added visibility. (Oh, algorithms!)

For more info you can see inside the book here

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Suddenly I want to smell like a coconut again

 Maya Njie Tropica fragrance

Well this is awkward. After a lifetime a year in relative isolation during which my longest journey away from home has been the decidedly unexotic Hastings pier, I find myself craving tropical coconut-laced smells.

That’s maybe not so surprising though. As with the power of touch and what’s known as ‘skin hunger’, the pandemic has not only literally stolen the sense of smell from some unlucky individuals, it has also heightened the link between scent and nostalgia.

“Fragrance can control your mood,” says perfumer and founder of her eponymous brand, Maya Njie. “If you’re feeling low and you need a boost, put fragrance on and it will elevate you.” Njie’s popular fragrance Tropica* (above) does exactly that with its transportive notes of fig, pineapple, fresh citrus and musk, blended with what we all consider the smell of eau de suntan lotion, the all-important coconut note.

Coconut is the omni-present heart of such classics as Tom Ford’s sultry Soleil Blanc* and Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess*, a summer ritual so popular it has inspired a mini sub-brand of ancillary products. (I 100% recommend the Smoothing Body Crème*). So potent is its power, it appears to have spawned an entire TikTok aesthetic. ‘Coconut Girl’ is this summer’s teen trope that encompasses hibiscus prints, 90s Roxy bikinis and the nostalgia of grainy disposable camera photos. Or in short, “youthful summer optimism” according to Nylon. Even supposedly avant-garde Comme des Garcons got the ‘Coconut Girl’ memo. Its brand new collab with cult L.A label ERL is a coconut-heavy eau de toilette called, unashamedly, Sunscreen – aka ‘the scent of Venice Beach’ (below).
ERL X Comme des Garcons SUNSCREEN fragrance

Coconut won’t do all the heavy lifting on its own though. To really bottle beachy escapism, you need the sweet notes of vanilla or its more sophisticated sibling, tonka bean, a sultry waft of white floral – jasmine, ylang ylang or neroli – and a juicy twist of citrus. Juliette Has a Gun’s Sunny Side Up* eau de parfum says it all, a unisex ‘skin scent’ that starts out fresh, bright and floral, leaving behind a musky dry down. Vanilla Vibes* (below) is less about the sex-on-the-beach coconut note and more about the après-beach warmth of vanilla, sea salt and musk.
Juliette Has A Gun Vanilla Vibes

For the less floral-inclined, citrus is the way to go. One of the most enduring summer classics is Creed’s Virgin Island Water (below). Still going strong since 2007, its blend of coconut, lime and white bergamot, with a floral heart and sweet, rum-laced base notes is familiar, wearable and cool. Another light citrus is Sunspel’s Neroli Sun eau de parfum* (below), a Lyn Harris creation that blends bitter orange, English herbs and neroli. It’s my gentle citrus of choice and a good holiday-esque scent for the coconut-shy. Meanwhile, Byredo’s Sundazed eau de parfum* couldn’t be a more timely release. Olfactory escapism in a bottle, this sweet-and-sour cocktail stirs up mandarin and lemon with candyfloss, neroli and musk.

Sunspel Neroli Sun

Back to ‘skin hunger’, the combination of tactile body oils and creams with mood-boosting aromatherapy ‘feels’ is perfect for a summer of back garden staycations. Summer Fridays just launched its Summer Silk Nourishing Body Lotion*, an indulgent cream scented with coconut and almond, as well as its Pool Time Glowing Body Oil*, a blend of macadamia, jojoba and sunflower oils infused with coconut, warm almond and vanilla blossom.

Then there’s my eternal favourite, NARS’ Monoi Body Glow I. This elusive deep bronze oil – scented with tiare blossom, white frangipani, ylang-ylang, and vanilla – is currently having stock issues but if you’re quick, Fenwick has it here. Or try the equally lush untinted version, NARS Monoi Body Glow II, here. One other sensorially uplifting recommendation: the Urban Apothecary Coconut Grove Luxury Hand and Body Wash*. I discovered this line at The Conran Shop and it’s so nicely formulated. Coconut Grove is clean, sweet and citrusy with a tropical coconut heart sharpened by bergamot, lime, mandarin and mint.


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: Maya Njie, Comme des Garcons X ERL, Juliette Has a Gun, Sunspel
NOTE: Most images are digitally enhanced. Some posts use affiliate links and PR samples. Please read my privacy and cookies policy here

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Five-buck Byredo candles are coming (*kind of)

Ben Gorham X Ikea Byredo Osynlig candles

This has to be one of the most genius post-Covid launches I’ve seen.

Byredo’s Ben Gorham has teamed up with IKEA to produce a line of scented candles in rustic-chic ceramic holders, which will sell for as little as £5. If there’s one thing we cherish now, it’s things that make our homes feel secure and comforting. Candles were one of the unsurprising successes of lockdown, with Perfumer H reporting an uptick of its hand-poured cult candles at the height of the pandemic and start-ups like Good Candles popping up out of nowhere. (more…)

Shop the post: What’s the deal with Byredo make-up? (UPDATED)

Byredo beauty make-up

Much excitement about the incoming Byredo make-up line. Famous for its much-copied candles and perfumes – the name comes from ‘By Redolence’ – the brand followed with luxury leather goods and accessories.

What makes the Byredo beauty line stand out from other make-up lines is its unapologetic creativity. It’s not pegged as just another millennial make-up line and in fact it has some pretty radical ideas. This all becomes clear when you realise that Isamaya Ffrench is the make-up artist and ‘collaborator’ on board to shape the product. (more…)