Burberry In Beijing: livestreamed here!

“Brands are more and more multi-dimentional. It’s about an experience as well as buying a product,” said Burberry’s Christopher Bailey in US Vogue recently. “What we’ve found is the more we entertain, the more we allow people into our brand. Then maybe one day they’ll buy. And then… who knows?” And so Bailey is continuing the trend for the digital extravaganza as pioneered by Burberry and Ralph Lauren; what the latter’s David Lauren referred to last year as “merchantainment” – the seamless blending of merchandising and entertainment.

At approximately 1.30pm UK time (8.30pm Beijing time) today, Burberry’s biggest digital extravaganza to date will be streamed around the world and you can watch it live here. Celebrating the opening of Burberry’s new Beijing flagship store, we’re promised a mix of live models, animated footage and ‘lifelike’ holograms, the whole event filmed from all angles, using multiple cameras in real time. iPads at the ready!*

*Best viewed in Firefox

British Designers Collective 2011

“Bicester Village is like the Disneyland for grown up Cinderellas”, beamed Thandie Newton yesterday morning, perched on a podium in Bicester Village’s latest store. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Newton was there to champion the great and good of young British fashion in part two of a brilliant project cooked up between the BFC and Bicester Village’s owners, Value Retail. The British Designers Collective pop-up store was first launched this time last year and it was so successful, they’re doing it again. (more…)

Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore and other Northern Soul news

Artist Mark Leckey’s ‘Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore’ film, a mash-up of 70s, 80s and 90s disco and clubbing footage was created in 1999 and caused quite a stir. Its technique of splicing Northern Soul dancers with 80s casuals and 90s ravers, speeded up and on repeat is a compelling observation piece on the culture of clubbing and dancing. (more…)