Business of beauty: First look at Hermès make-up

Hermes make-up launches with lipstick

First look at Hermès make-up – and it’s very covetable.

Back in March 2019, Hermès announced it would be launching beauty this year. By some sort of spooky telepathy, I happened to email the PR yesterday to check in on the launch date. It’s launching in March, she said. And that was it. Today, WSJ has a bit more news. Hermès is launching Rouge Hermès, a line of 24 refillable lipsticks, in two finishes, a satin and a matte. They will be lightly fragranced with a custom blended scent created by Hermès perfumer, Christine Nagel.

I’m loving the traditional-meets-modern vibe. On the one hand it’s a classic bullet lipstick, not an ‘ink’, oil, or liquid. On the other, it’s an eco-conscious refillable concept in the vein of La Bouche Rouge and Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain.

Hermes lipstick from the new make-up line

And the design of said bullets – courtesy of the fabulous Pierre Hardy – is as graphic and uber-chic as I’d hoped. Because at this level (the lipsticks are $67, with refills at $42), these are not just cosmetics, they’re lifestyle objets! And as such, they’re accompanied by sibling accessories – a lip brush, a lip pencil, a leather case and a mirror-slash-necklace-pendant.

WSJ reports that there will be a new Hermès make-up category launched every six months (what a tease), with foundation, eye and cheek colours to be followed by skincare. As Hermès chief executive officer Axel Dumas said in March, “we are trying to do it humbly and cautiously, because it’s a big market that’s already full of strong players, and therefore we have to find our place in it.”

Thus, in line with this slowly-slowly approach, the products will launch with limited availability. Mostly in Hermès’ own boutiques, on hermes​.com and at third-party retailers, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.

Hermes make-up launches with lipstick

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: Hermès make-up by David Abrahams/WSJ
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Self-care wear: The offhours home coat

Offhours Homecoat

It’s been raining for three days solid and I can barely drag myself out of the house. No matter though, as I work from home and luckily for the likes of people like me, there’s a whole new fashion and lifestyle category designed to cater just for us.

It’s not pyjamas, it’s not tracksuits (god forbid), but it is cosy and comforting for the work-from-home and namastay-in-bed brigade. So let’s hear it for the ‘Homecoat’ from Offhours, a padded kimono-esque wrap coat to envelop yourself in while doing Headspace meditations on the balcony, or cranking out your investor deck on your daybed. Think of it like a housecoat but with extra togs!

Offhours Homecoat

The Offhours ethos is couched in comfort and positivity; the Homecoats are designed in Chinatown, NYC and ethically made in China, while web and Instagram content comes in the form of self help-lite essays.

All this self-care wear makes sense in an age of screen fatigue and relentless hustle. Like the trend for padded parkas, wearing what’s akin to a giant comfort blanket is almost a cry for security and respite from the pace of modern living. Well it’s certainly boosting the homebody economy.

In related self-care style news, Tekla Fabrics  just landed on my radar. A line of organic blankets, bedding and robes from ex-Acne Studios exec Charlie Hedin, this John Pawson-designed blanket in ‘molten lava’ would be a nice addition to my stack of mohair blankets. Just add a scented candle (but maybe not this one)…

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: Offhours homecoat
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All is calm

Niyya prayer mat and meditation blanket

How early is too early for the cliché ‘New Year, New You’ post?

In 2019 I surprised myself by getting with the meditation programme, but doing it totally at my own pace. And in truth, it’s meditation-lite; I use my Muse headband and app (yep, still using them) and fit it in 5-10 minute slots around whatever else I’m doing.

I supplement this with a relaxation download by Albert Smith that I love. This isn’t meditation, it’s more akin to having a fifteen minute nap, but it serves the purpose of clearing my head if I’ve had a hectic day, or prepping me for stress-inducing situations. For interviews, meetings, public speaking and the like, Albert’s my secret weapon. (Years ago, when I had the cassette version, this was also a life-saving pain management tool.)

In 2020, I want to try and meditate more and make it part of a regular routine. I know it shouldn’t be about ‘stuff’, but I’m flawed and can’t resist a prop or two. I love the look of these Niyya multi-functional prayer mats by Brooklyn designer Myhra Mizra (more…)

Veja performance trainers: form or function?

Veja performance trainers Condor

You should by now be no stranger to Veja. You know, the cult French eco-trainer brand seen on every tastemaker of note, recognised by its minimalist white V10 sneakers with the distinctive V logo. There was a good piece in the FT recently (sub req*) on how the brand rose to €60 million turnover.

But two things jumped out at me. (more…)