Loud luxury: Saint Laurent fine jewellery

Yves Saint Laurent fine jewellery

Quiet luxury‘ is all the rage. Except when it’s a shouty, brassy, bike-chain-thick gold bracelet (or two) from Saint Laurent. Yes, Saint Laurent fine jewellery just launched and they want you to know about it. (more…)

Shop the post: Art of glass

Addled wine glass Rira Objects

“For my facial oil, which is my main face product, I got a really beautiful Murano glass bottle. When you make your own products, you usually end up putting them in empty kombucha bottles or Mason jars. But I thought for a product I use every day, it would be nice to have something that feels a little more luxurious. So I have this nice bottle in different colours with a glass stopper. Using that twice a day brings me a lot of joy.”

This quote from eco-laundress Theresa Williams, an interviewee from Face Values* was quite the chicest tip in the book. While her husband’s grooming bits and bobs cluttered the bathroom shelf, her lone Murano glass bottle gave the impression of absolute serenity and elegance. (more…)

On clubs, culture, commerce and… candles

DISCOTHEQUE Paradise Garage candle
The post-Covid hedonism wave we were promised doesn’t seem to have quite materialised. There are glimpses of it – a whiff of a smoking revival, the return of the indie sleaze aesthetic – but mostly it’s a lingering backward glance to wilder times.

Discothèque candles got the memo and ran with it. Founded by L.A ladies Jessie Willner and Hanover Booth, the intoxicatingly-scented and gorgeously packaged candles are named after storied clubbing landmarks of their time – think Hacienda, Crisco Disco, Paradise Garage and the Mudd Club. (more…)

Buy it now: back to Scholl

Honey Fucking Dijon x Scholl

The ergonomic fashion sandal craze is going nowhere.

Birkenstocks are now firmly embedded in the fashion canon with their own ‘designer’ tier of styles* priced at circa £300, while Crocs now has a dedicated creative director for its Crocs X Pollex Pod collection. Meanwhile, Scholl is making a comeback with a raft of collabs I hadn’t been aware of ‘til I saw a mention on Keep It Chic. (more…)