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DISCOTHEQUE Paradise Garage candle
The post-Covid hedonism wave we were promised doesn’t seem to have quite materialised. There are glimpses of it – a whiff of a smoking revival, the return of the indie sleaze aesthetic – but mostly it’s a lingering backward glance to wilder times.

Discothèque candles got the memo and ran with it. Founded by L.A ladies Jessie Willner and Hanover Booth, the intoxicatingly-scented and gorgeously packaged candles are named after storied clubbing landmarks of their time – think Hacienda, Crisco Disco, Paradise Garage and the Mudd Club.

Traditionally, scent is known to unlock memories, but these are more about evoking a mood or a vibe than a literal translation of eau de dry ice, Marlboro Lights and poppers.

Thus, Hacienda is a cooling cocktail of citrussy-gourmand mandarin, bergamot and almond notes, Crisco Disco is glam white florals and petitgrain, while (my favourite) Mudd Club is a heady sugar rush of peach, vanilla and heliotrope. Perfect for the pre-club get-ready hour or continuing the party after hours.

Discotheque candles

A big question: is it cool to commodify club culture? Depends how it’s done. My house music buddies were rather miffed at the idea of scented candles ‘appropriating’ the scene, but sentimental fool that I am, I find myself seduced by the nostalgic tribute and slick execution. The smells are divine. Like Basquiat and Haring collabs, Discothèque brings the history and legacy of a culture to a wider audience and in turn can create a new generation of fans – if it’s considerately done.

Discothèque candles are available in nine fragrances including Crisco Disco, Wag Club, Mudd Club, Paradise Garage and Le Baron de Paris, Tokyo, hand poured in small batches in Plymouth and packaged in hand-sprayed, three-colour gradient glass. From £45.

Discotheque scented candles

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IMAGES: Discothèque candles
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