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Fingers on the pulse

Burning question: are nail blogs the new fashion blogs? Lately I’m getting all my style updates from nail artist Sophy Robson’s blog and Twitter feeds. Latest heads-up is that of WAH Magazine (Women Ain’t Hoes) created by fashion-all-rounder Sharmadean Reid. The zine is an excellent read and online community (sorry guys, it’s ladies only) but I got distracted by Sharmadean’s own blog. As if being a fashion girl-about-town isn’t time consuming enough, Reid is opening a nail salon in Dalston. Read her progress reports here

[Pics: Sharmadean’s blog]

Guess what’s behind this door?

This non-descript door, next to a non-descript grocery shop on Kingsland Road. Give up? It’s a brilliant Jasper Morrison shop! Selling lots of lovely minimalist, utilitarian stuff that costs not a lot of money. Cone-shaped Indian tea glasses, Italian staplers, mini Japanese ink pads, numerous bottle openers, wooden spoons, little red ashtrays…the list goes on and on. 

I couldn’t resist touching everything because each and every item demands to be picked up, held and inspected. Being the retail tourist that I am, I had to have a souvenir so I opted for a yellow stapler and some wee boxes of staples. Total cost, £11. Can’t wait to go back.

Jasper Morrison, 24b Kingsland Road, E2