Topshop Magazine Pop-Up

On the subject of Manchester, I didn’t get to check out the high street offer so I can’t vouch for its Topshop but this sounds like a fun event. On November 11th, Topshop will be hosting a ‘pop-up magazine’ in its Arndale Centre store. From 5-8pm there will be a screen streaming the SS11 show, a series of style talks from an exciting industry insider, beauty makeovers and consultations (I have to say, the Topshop make-up line is one of the most exciting out there), as well as a make-up tutorial streamed on a screen throughout the evening – all accompanied by a glass or two of sparkling wine.

Exhibitionists will be rewarded with a style competition where the best-dressed punters get snapped by Topshop’s scouts for an in-store Best In Show wall. The best effort-makers win £250 and £100 Topshop gift cards.

PS: If you live in Nottingham, you can experience all this on Wednesday November 3rd…

[Image: Inside-Out]

Panda eyes begone – Lisa Eldridge’s make-up removal tutorial

Have you seen Lisa Eldridge’s make-up how-to videos? I suggest you do. This sought after make-up artist makes the most useful tutorial videos on every subject from how to do a quick smoky eye to how to cover up acne (actually that one is pretty genius). The reason I Iove Eldridge is that she is approachable, articulate and thorough. All her tools and products are credited – even the nail polish that gets a cameo appearance. And she makes everything look easily achievable without taking hours.

My favourite tutorial is how to take your make-up off. I love Eldridge’s eye make-up removal process which goes like this:
1) Split a cotton wool pad in half so you have two thin pads.
2) Halve one of these so you have two half-moons.
3) Generously soak each one with eye make-up remover and place under the lower lashes (actually best to do this one at a time).
4) Soak another cotton wool pad, place over the eyelid and gently hold and press on it so the remover can do its work – no rubbing required.
5) Keep gently pressing the pad on the lid, especially around the eyelashes for a minute or so (this will also remove false lashes).
6) When you ease off the pad, the eye area will be completely clean. Bonus: No itching, no irritation. I’ve tried it, it’s miraculous!

And to make your make-up removal feel more of a pampering, less of a chore, how about a pack of Chanel make up remover pads? At $20 (from here) they’re possibly the most affodable luxury skincare item you’ll ever buy (lordy, did I really just say that?).

Revlon limited edition Multi-use Palette: Is this the best GWP ever?

With immaculate timing I have just received Revlon’s limited edition Multi-use Palette. Devised by global creative director Gucci Westman, it consists of two cream eye shadows (in a pearly grey and sheer brown) – lovely for doing a gentle smoky eye, a highlighter and a flattering peachy blusher. In a tiny slide-out drawer is also a perfect scarlet lipstick and dinky brush and the whole package is a mere 5cm square so really is pocket-sized.

I’m not a major palette person as I don’t experiment with make-up colours; I prefer an arsenal of basics that I know work for me. But this one ticks all those boxes and the cream formulations are easy to apply without a toolkit of applicators (I waited to receive the palette so I could try it out). The palette is available from today and is free when you spend £20 on Revlon cosmetics at

Bubbling under: 3D Flower nails

Trend forecasters suggest that the popularity of elaborate nail art is all down to our smartphone addictions (although how one taps those touch screens with inch-long talons is beyond me) – our nails are on show as never before. Tokyo is the breeding ground for the latest madcap manicures and apparently, 3D nails are the next big thing. Even T magazine’s Sally Singer is addicted; for the European fashion weeks, she opted for an elegant handful of miniature 3D roses in off-white gloss.

What do you think of 3D flower nails – eek or chic?