Got a light?

The Millennial Decorator cigfluencers

News just in: Smoking is – allegedly – cool again. Thanks to Cigfluencers and its ilk on Instagram, we’re being subjected to the great and glam of Hollywood and their smoking habits. From Paul Mescal and Natalie Portman sharing a fag break to Chloe Sevigny in Charli XCX’s ‘360’ video, the vibe is knowingly decadent and deviant. We’re all aware that smoking kills, stains your teeth and gives you foul breath. But those long white sticks drooping from a fingertip are indelibly linked in our brains as the height of old-school sophistication. I mean – Marlene Dietrich!

Marlene Dietrich smoking by Eugene Robert Richee

Onto the merch.

It’s not all about the cigarettes. The accompanying paraphernalia is just as coveted. Can we say vintage Elsa Peretti bean lighter? 1920s Van Cleef cigarette case? Hermès cigarette box? Adding to the appeal is the fact that these products are multi-use. An ashtray* can function as a trinket tray. A cigarette case can be a minaudière. It’s symbolic of more extravagant times, yet your Etsy cigarette box can store vitamins or mints, allowing you to channel your inner old money heiress from the comfort of your zone 3 rental. It’s a vibe and yes, I’m here for it.

Elsa Peretti Tiffany & Co. 1980's Jasper 18 Karat Gold Vintage Bean Pill Box Lighter Case
Supreme X Emilio Pucci lighter


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Cartier Trinity x Emma Corrin

Emma Corrin Cartier Trinity in HTSI

Loving Emma Corrin in the FT’s HTSI this weekend.

To celebrate the centenary of Cartier’s Trinity ring, Emma is showing off the new ‘cushion shape’ (jeweller-speak for square with rounded corners) in both the ring and bangle update. The Cartier Trinity ring with its three intertwining bands of yellow gold, rose gold and white gold is famous for its radical simplicity and gender-fluidity, which chimed with 1924’s garconne era of flapper dresses and gamine haircuts. While fashion lore ascribes its creation to Jean Cocteau, it was in fact designed by Louis Cartier. (Cocteau was an avid fan though, so that’s endorsement enough for me.)

Bonus points here for Harry Lambert’s styling and Indigo Lewin’s photography. Never not loving an extreme close-up cover and a skinny leather tie… (more…)

Quote of the day: Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons Real Housewives of New York - Gavin Bond

“There’s something about caterers that they love blue cheese, caviar or salmon roe, and Champagne, which has to create the worst breath situation possibly known to man. Throw in a little bit of dill, and you’re done. Tragic. It’s so disgusting … My one strategy is to stand by the door to the kitchen where the servers are coming out. Then you get them right when the food is coming out. If you stand away from the kitchen, by the time it gets to you, the little macaroni-and-cheeses or mini grilled cheeses nobody else ate have coagulated, and the servers have been bumped around so they’re not in the best mood.”
Jenna Lyons, Bon Appétit (more…)