Ready for the drop

Phoebe Philo drop waist leather jacket

Is it me manifesting the 1924-style optimism of the deco-era or is there really a rising tide of flapper-esque dresses and hip-riding silhouettes on the horizon? Putting aside my theory that the 2020s hasn’t properly started yet and that 2024 could be The Year (admittedly based on nothing more than blind hope), the evidence is pointing to the latter. (more…)

Red Thursday

COS red funnel neck sweater

Black Friday may be all anyone can talk about this week, but I’m over it already. I’m all about, er, Red Thursday.

To counter the unflattering November light, I’ve got my eye on this rustic red Babaà no61 jumper with its cropped balletic proportions (below) or the COS Campbell’s Soup red funnel neck jumper* (US link here*, above) – suitably slouchy to accommodate a HeatTech layer – or three. (more…)

Follow a stylist

Suzanne Koller T Magazine Keizo Kitajima

Influencers, schminfluencers! If you want styling ideas, better to follow the stylists.

Compared to photographers, the best in the biz are still fairly elusive on Instagram (where are you, Joe McKenna?!) but once you locate them, they’re worth checking in with. They tend to repeat their tricks across the brands and publications they work for, so it’s easy to see all their ideas and influences in one place. (more…)