If anything converts me to online shopping, this may be it

A few weeks ago I did some work with an online retailer. In the course of my work, the subject of online shopping came up and my colleague was aghast when I told her I don’t shop online. It’s true, I don’t. Apart from the odd book from Amazon – which by the time you’ve factored in delivery charges isn’t that much cheaper than the high street – I do all my shopping in bricks-and-mortar stores. I prefer the in-store experience and when it comes to clothes shopping I want to know I can return them with no hassle. It’s also why I feel happier buying from department stores rather than ‘no refunds’ boutiques. But news reaches me today of a new initiative from ASOS called ASOS Premier. For £24.95 a year you get free next day or ‘nominated day’ delivery and free returns which are collected from your house! Now, forgive me if this is common practice with online retailers but I’ve never heard of it and I think it’s bloody genius. I was so gobsmacked, I had to get someone to check that I’d read the blurb properly and got the right end of the stick. This is something that would seriously make me rethink my ‘no online shopping’ stance. It means you can order the item you want in a couple of different sizes, try them on at home playing dress-up with all your other things, then return the non-fitting item without hauling your ass down to the post office and paying for the privilege. Duh, they should have done this years ago!

At this week’s Fashion Summit, one of the main messages coming across was the importance of customer service. When business is tough, a good product, a good price and good customer service will see you through. If anyone knows how to succeed in online retail it’s ASOS and we all know that they are doing very well with product and price. It’s great to see customer service being addressed like this, let’s see if others follow suit.

Tatty Devine comes to Covent Garden

New shops are springing up everywhere and I was most excited to see the finishing touches being put to a Tatty Devine shop in Monmouth Street last week. According to Wee Birdy’s blog, it opened on Saturday and sells all sorts of wonderful non-Tatty Devine merch alongside their own label.

If you decide to go, make sure you pop into The Vintage Showroom, two minutes away in Earlham Street for a hefty dose of vintage utilitarian eye candy. Covent Garden just got exciting again…

Something super

Ah, how I love an entertaining retail concept! Supermarket Sarah is a clever and quirky idea from Sarah Bagner who has set up shop in her front room. She merchandises her finds against a wall in her flat and puts the result online so shoppers can click and buy. The shop is also open by appointment accompanied by tea and cake and a cosy chat. As an exclusive for London Fashion Week, she has enlisted the eye of Fred Butler to guest-curate. The shop goes live during LFW but you can have a preview here:

For more information on Supermarket Sarah, check out this interview on Amelia’s blog.