Introducing Seek No Further from Fruit Of The Loom

Seek-No-Further-SS14 4

Just launched: Seek No Further, a new premium fashion line from the heritage utility brand, Fruit Of The Loom. I love these offbeat campaign images from the brand (shot by Colin Dodgson), which is said to harness a pioneering spirit, “inspired by yesterday’s visionaries, today’s trailblazers and tomorrow’s innovators”. Although we’ve all heard that before so the proof will be in the pudding…

1 Seek-No-Further-SS14 2 1
2 Seek-No-Further-SS14 2
3 Seek-No-Further-SS14 3

I haven’t seen the product close up yet but I have high hopes for these sweats… Americans have been wearing Fruit Of The Loom tees and sweats for 150 years so the fabric quality and tech innovation should be a given…

Seek-no-further-SS14-womens-Collection 2
Seek-no-further-SS14-womens-Collection 3
Seek-no-further-SS14-womens-Collection 4

There are two pop-up stores opening this Friday in London and Berlin and you can see the collection online at