Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela

When I requested a sample of the new (and only) Maison Martin Margiela fragrance, I expected a bottle of scent and a press release, possibly packaged in an anonymous white box. I didn’t expect this…
The bottle of scent was present and the packaging was suitable Margiela – white utilitarian drawstring pochette and white linen carrier bag. But also present was a big white accordion file containing all sorts of geek-friendly ephemera. A technical drawing of the bottle (well it was designed by Fabien Baron), a joint interview with Baron and Maison Martin Margiela, God knows how many CVs, photos and explanatory notes on Maison Martin Margiela and my favourite – some silver foil discs that are destined for the drawer marked ‘Interesting Collage-y Stuff For Scrapbook’.

The bottle, as expected, is a work of pure, minimalist art. A nice weighty clear glass affair with a faux stopper and string tie for an added utilitarian touch (and you just know there would have been fifty meetings to discuss the string alone). And the fragrance itself? Clean and green…and quite addictive. PS, boys can wear it too…

Love this…

Marina & the Diamonds single artwork channel’s Warhol’s Interview magazine covers – now this is pop art literally!


(On a side note, wouldn’t it be amazing if a mag like Harper’s Bazaar could initiate illustrated covers by contemporary artists. Britney by Elizabeth Peyton? Now that I would buy.)