AW10 trend report: Hermes press day highlights

So Jean-Paul Gaultier is out at Hermes and Christophe Lemaire is in. I can’t wait to see what Lemaire does, I think he did a brilliant job at Lacoste. Here’s a glimpse of accessories from Gaultier’s final Autumn-Winter collection for Hermes (Lemaire’s first collection will be AW11)…

The poshest slipper-socks you’ll ever see

Fact: No-one makes a better riding boot

Belts for gloves? Naturellement!

Furry shoes are a major AW10 trend. MAJOR!

The Catenina bag – Hermes’ ‘stealth evening bag’
So Black – a new capsule range of bags with all-black hardware. Limited edition. ETA July/August… ARE YOU READING THIS VICKY BECKHAM?

The Constance in pink satin – my favourite
There was also a super-elegant long black cashmere and leather scarf with pockets (but annoying, the photo has gone walkies). Just the thing for covering up a minimalist black tie outfit and storing a Marlboro Light or two for those inevitable outdoor fag breaks

Bad news

I have some rather bad news, so I hope you’re sitting down. *Deep breath.*

There’s no easy way of saying this… but there is a very real chance of the *wince* ski pant becoming a key fashion item. Its casual cousin, the stirrup legging has already been inching its way into our wardrobes and now, thanks to a nostalgic nod towards sixties classics, the tailored ski pant has been spotted at the AW10 press days – namely on the rails of COS and MaxMara – and on the Stella McCartney runway. With the pointy kitten heel now a dead cert for AW10, we will no doubt see endless shoots of Bardot-esque babes encased in ski pants and clingy mohair tops, with backcombed barnets and eyelinered to the max, posing in the glossies. And then non-models will try to emulate them. Gulp.

I know it’s a shock to the system and that it will take some getting used to but remember, it won’t be forever. Give it a season and things will be back to normal. I hope.


Stella McCartney

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