The ‘nouveau romance’ of Celine menswear AW21

Celine men winter 21

Chapeaus off to GQ’s Rachel Tashjian, who wrote this very astute critique of Hedi Slimane’s latest Celine menswear collection. And the brand’s overall current appeal.

“His clothing is probably the most intelligently merchandised stuff on the planet. He is making clothes to sell them, proving with every one of his choices why you need them…When you go into a Celine shop, or look at the brand’s e-commerce, you see something so clear and intelligent it might make you mad at other big fashion brands: a few perfect blazers, a leather motorcycle jacket, a leather blouson, a suede trucker jacket, and so on. All the pants are just right. The loafers, sneakers, and boots are just the kind you’re looking for when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Slimane is actually thinking about someone going into a store to buy clothing. What might they want?”

I actually really liked the ‘nouveau romanticism’ of this recent 13-minute Celine AW21 film, Teen Knight Poem, shot at the Château de Chambord, with boys on horseback in vaguely armour-like jackets, pie crust blouses and studded balaclava-esque head gear.

But I have to concur with Rachel, it may be the medieval romanticism that grabs my attention but it’s the classic chunky jumpers, raglan coats and cuban-heeled boots (glimpsed at 2.18) that I want to wear at the end of the day.

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Celine menswear AW21
Celine menswear AW21 - Teen Knight Poem
Celine menswear AW21

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