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Trend report: The other work wear

Toogood work wear chore jacket for women

Spring has sprung! We had our first ‘heat wave’ this weekend (17 degrees), which got me thinking about my chore jacket. In a normal spring week, maybe I’d think about wearing this with white Levi’s, polished Derby’s and a thin merino knit for weekend brunch, but I’ll have to park that thought for now. But I can still consider it for the daily walk, maybe with a matching bandana-fashioned-as-a-Corona-mask. I knew those Hermès scarves would come in handy

Toogood, purveyors of superior ’work wear’ garms have fully embraced ’bleu de travail’ aka ‘workers blue’, saturating their Metalworker jacket, Photographer Jacket and Bricklayer trousers in deepest cobalt blue. This lived-in ‘gets better with age’ look is perfect for summer garden pottering while on lockdown, especially teamed with white drill pants or wide leg khakis (these get my vote). Shop the post here or get more inspo here.

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Toogood at Tiina the Store
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Should we stop shopping?

Tiina the Store

Both the New York Times and the FT have written stories unpicking the quandary of whether we should be shopping online while there’s a contagious health pandemic going on.

I’ve been wrestling with the same dilemma. (more…)

Shop the post: The late, late gift guide

Hermes Vinyl boombox in swift calfskin and streaming canvas

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get a gift guide up in time so maybe don’t consider this a gift guide. Maybe it’s more of a self-gifting guide. Or a ‘what to spend your Christmas money on in January’ guide.

Anyhoo, here’s a collection of things that have caught my eye that are useful, beautiful, or somewhere in between. I like supporting new and indie businesses, traditional heritage companies and projects by friends. And obviously I can never resist a book or two… (more…)

AW19 trend report: Notes on knits

 Tiina The Store cashmere by Kurt Markus

A heads up on knitwear as just like jeans, I’m always searching for the one find that will change my life. And no surprises that the first gem comes from Tiina The Store.

Tiina Laakonen’s blissful emporium sells the perfect mix of exacting luxury staples and niche curiosities. So alongside the Chimala jeans and Zanini dresses, you can now buy her very own sweaters (more…)