Le Monde D’Hermes and a house of scarves


Who needs expensive glossies when you can pick up this standard of editorial excellence free from an Hermes store? The autumn-winter 2014 issues of Hermes’ magazine has a feel of The Gentlewoman and Fantastic Man, both in the handsome casting and styling of its womenswear shoots (this one’s shot by Julia Hetta and styled by Camille Biddault-Waddington) and in the quiet and precise mood of its men’s accessory shoot…

Hermes-magazine-autumn-2014-Camille-Bidault-waddington-Julia-Hetta 3
Hermes-magazine-autumn-2014-Camille-Bidault-waddington-Julia-Hetta 4
Hermes-magazine-autumn-2014-Camille-Bidault-waddington-Julia-Hetta 2

In other Hermes news, the brand has launched a new standalone experiential shopping site just for its silks. La Maison des Carres is designed like an actual house, that you can explore room-by-room, engaging with playful elements along the way.

If you’re a fan of Hermes’ brilliant textile prints, be prepared to spend some considerable time getting lost in the designs, how-to scarf tutorials and irreverent videos. (Guys aren’t forgotten either – they have their own Chambre Des Garcons.)