quote of the day

Quote of the day

“I started putting girls in men’s clothes. Yves Saint Laurent had just produced the tuxedo, but who could afford Yves Saint Laurent? So I went to Moss Brothers, where they had a great second-hand department. It didn’t have to fit, just put a gold belt around it and then wear high heels.”
The inimitable Godmother of Styling, Caroline Baker on styling the 70s*, 10 Magazine

*It all sounds very French Vogue…

Quote of the day

“I design the clothes! I come up with the references and shapes and pieces, and the look and feel of the collection, then I work closely with a team who help to realise my vision. There is nothing revolutionary about this way of working. I’d love to see Ralph Lauren sitting at a sewing machine!!!”

Henry Holland answers his critics on Ponystep

Photo: Ponystep.com