Jo Ellison

Quote of the day: Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss

“Back in 2013, when I was first thinking about Glossier, I thought: ‘Man, I wish there was a beauty brand whose sweatshirt you wanted to wear.’ It really speaks to this notion of winning hearts. (more…)

Time well spent

Elizabeth Peyton

Observation: When you buy a book or a magazine, what you’re really buying is time. Time to get away from fast information, time to get lost in stories, ideas, theories or just idle page-turning.

I find it harder to get into books these days – the lure of the phone is too strong! But I realise that’s because the apps are designed to be as addictive as Las Vegas slot machines (it’s the apps, not the phones*). So I’m trying to ween myself off screens and spend more time with print. (more…)