Perfect pairing: everyday Nikes

Nike tech hyperfuse breathable windrunner Air Max Lunar1 JD Sport

Nike is on a big drive to make things weightless and streamlined, all the better to help you zip through your workout working week. As such, its Tech Hyperfuse windrunner and new Air Max Lunar1s are a winning combination. I’m not a fitness fan (have I mentioned that?) but I love Nike.

To be honest, it’s mostly about aesthetics for me – cue the faithful-to-the-1978-original styling of the jacket and old school realness of the trainers. But it’s about practicality too, I like to get things done fast, so the feather-weight fabric and non-bulky cut of the jacket enable that when I’m running around town. Plus it packs away to nothing so you can fold it into a teeny handbag with room to spare.

My favourite way to wear Air Max isn’t flashy and fashiony but the opposite. I’d describe it as 14-year-old 90s kid meets Joe McKenna – straight leg jeans (my old black Helmut Langs), boxy tee and a classic men’s jumper from Reiss or J Crew. Normcore may be the buzzword of the moment but essentially it’s just clothes that aren’t trying to be sexy, cute, edgy or anything else.

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