Diana Vreeland: the fragrance


Why shouldn’t there be a Diana Vreeland fragrance? It makes absolute sense to me that she who understood the importance of engaging all the senses should be remembered with a line of utterly sophisticated scents. The range is the brainchild of Alexander Vreeland, the same grandson who recently released the book Diana Vreeland Memos  – apparently the bigger aim is to create a luxury brand to celebrate the legacy of the former Vogue editrix.

Who knew that Mrs Vreeland scented all the exhibitions under her watch at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Legend has it that during a Russian-themed Met Costume Gala, she permeated the air with Cuir de Russe pumped from the air vents. So here we have five handsome bottles filled with jewel-coloured juice, with names like Extravagance Russe, Perfectly Marvellous and Absolutely Vital. Unsurprisingly, the fragrances are heavy on sandalwoods, rose absolutes, resins and musks. They’re not light and airy but rich and extravagant, designed with a team of five haute perfumers from fragrance producers IFF.

And those stately bottles? They’re designed by Fabien Baron, recreated from a 1920s design with different coloured tassels to add a theatrical twist. The bottle caps are engraved with the famous DV signature and the labels are nicely minimalist in contrast.

Selfridges has the UK exclusive on these, they arrive 21st August in store and on Selfridges.com. Prices are £180 for 100ml and £135 for 50ml. How divine!