Ask Alison: Do you speak Hermès?

Hermes launches Hermesistible microsite

Here’s the latest ‘Ask Alison’ post from DRG retail editor, ALISON BISHOP, on how Hermès is using playful storytelling to launch an accessories e-commerce microsite

Hermès has a playful answer to the emotive question of why we shop for luxury: irresistible whimsy.

Via its engaging and fun new website, Hermèsistible, the French luxury brand says ‘just give in to life’s temptations’ and, ‘go with your irrepressible desire’ to buy to that enamel silver bracelet or buckled leather cuff.

The new microsite launches today with a teaser ‘emotionary’ video, in which a series of vignettes tell everyday stories of impulsive behaviour that result in…. yes you’ve guessed it, unexplained purchases.

There is a range of suitably Franglais portmanteau words, for example, ‘Jalousele’, ‘Follitude’, ‘Escapitude’, ‘Impulcie’, that hint at emotional decisions behind purchases – whether they are romantic, for a special occasion or the result of an inspiring overseas trip. Each emotion is paired with a product from the current aw15 accessories and jewellery collections, for a simplistic yet clever approach to emotive luxury e-commerce.

Hermes launches Hermesistible microsite

I love this fresh, playful approach to selling luxury products. Who doesn’t search for the reason behind an emotional ‘love it’ when you find the perfect piece of jewellery? The millennials-pitch with animated imagery, films and gifs, seems just right with a youthful, conversational style that addresses the complex and undeniably emotional process of purchasing luxury items without actually touching them.

Like Finery London’s recent mood swing look book, now we are seeing how brands want to tap into consumers’ emotions when it comes to shopping online. Today I’m in the mood for a celebratory piece of jewellery! Shop the collection on Hermèsistible from today, 9 November.

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Words: Alison Bishop/Disneyrollergirl
Images: Hermès