Could Farfetch click & collect be an ecommerce game changer?


Oooh here’s a clever move from Farfetch. It’s just rolled out a new Click & Collect service, whereby you can order from one of its international indie retailers but instead of having your order sent to your home or office, you can pick up from another of its retailers located more conveniently to you. With over 100 boutiques currently taking part globally, this could potentially be a real game changer. It’s of particular interest to me because I’m one of those people who doesn’t work in an office and I’m not always home for deliveries. If I could get my package from say, The Webster shipped to Start or Celestine Eleven (pictured top) instead of to my house, well, that would be so much more convenient.

There’s a benefit to the stores involved too – namely extra footfall. Because of course if I’m popping in to pick up a package, I’ll have a browse at their merch as well. The delivery issue has been a real barrier to me for online shopping and I doubt I’m the only one. If more etailers upped their customer service to adapt to our needs, it could only have positive results.

What I also like about this Farfetch initiative is how it neatly aligns the online service with the benefits of bricks and mortar. I’m a B&M shopper at heart, but I do a lot of research online. This marries the two very nicely and seamlessly. Of course, it’s very early days for the service and I’m sure there will be teething problems. But if it works, it’s surely a model that could be replicated by others.