Crème de la Mer Intensive Revitalising Mask – a hangover cure for your face


Autumn skin is a bitch isn’t it?

The combo of weird weather, cranked-up central heating, comfort eating, over-drinking and under-exercising all add up to – in my case – bumpy, greige and generally knackered-looking skin. My usual solution is to slap on a bit more make-up and carry on eating cake. I don’t generally indulge in pricy skin treatments or creams, I have a fear that I’ll get hooked and won’t be able to keep up the habit. But Crème de la Mer asked me if I’d like to try its new Intensive Revitalising Mask and in a post-LFW break-out haze, I thought well, why not?

Billed as an eight-minute spa-like ritual, it deploys Crème de la Mer’s famous ‘miracle broth’ (a unique blend of antioxidants and skin boosting marine algae) in a lightweight, easily-absorbed cream. It comes in a 75ml tube and you’re advised to apply a generous layer to face and neck. As you press it into your skin, you inhale the aromatherapeutic scent of grapefruit, mint and helichrysum, designed to reduce stress and soothe your mood. I tried mine at night as I’m a recent convert to the night-time wind-down of a muslin-clothed, double-cleansing routine. As an aromatherapy fan, the inhaling and massaging is the bit I loved. It feels a bit meditative and reinforces the idea of taking time out for yourself, especially as the mask gives a comforting warming effect as it sinks in.

The instructions say to leave for eight minutes. After that you can either tissue off or leave it on for an intensive overnight mask. Well, there was no way I was going to tissue it off and in fact, most had already absorbed by the eighth minute. I didn’t feel the need for a moisturiser on top, so fast forward to next morning and I did notice significantly brighter, plump-looking skin and a uniform skintone.

Although Crème de la Mer The Intensive Revitalising Mask can be used every day, at £105 that feels extravagant. So what works for me is using it a couple of times a week during hectic times when I’m neglecting my skin a bit. I see it as much as a feel-good pampering treat as a skin-booster. I also prefer to a use penny sized amount than a generous dollop, thus making my tube go twice as far. Yes, this is an expensive indulgence but for those who can splash out, it yields impressive results – especially at this time of year when it makes a great hangover cure for your face. (Footnote: guys can use it too.)

You can buy Crème de la Mer The Intensive Revitalising Mask here and here. Alternatively, if you want to try it first, buy the full size from which comes with a free 5ml sample. If you don’t like it, you can send the unopened full size tube back.

WORDS AND PICTURE: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl