Positive fashion: For Days and the circularity of everything

For Days circularity business model

‘Circularity’ is a word that has been doing the rounds (lol – no pun intended) for a while and we’re going to be hearing it a lot more. Example: For Days, the subscription based, ‘closed-loop’ T-shirt company that lets you return its worn-out tees in exchange for a new one, then upcycles the spent fabric into new yarn.

For Days recently received $2.7 million in funding and is starting to licence its business model to other start-ups. One of the first brands it’s partnering with is bra brand, Harper Wilde. Traditionally, bras are an eco nightmare as they take up to 200 years to break down in landfill. What seems to be key with For Days, and is a welcome shift in thinking, is factoring in the circularity model from the outset. Beginning the design process knowing that the end result is eventually going to be recycled, so being mindful of the materials used and not over-producing in the first place.

“We view For Days as a platform for a closed-loop lifestyle, and our aim is to shift how people think about their clothes with a focus on sustainability,” For Days co-founder and CEO Kristy Caylor told Glossy. “As a brand, we are planning for expansion into a broader range of basics this spring, and we will continue to expand as far as we can innovate on materials, manufacturing and up-cycling.”

The For Days tees are already pretty perfect in terms of style and design imo, so I have high hopes for these basics. Watch this space for updates…

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: For Days
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