On my radar: Lebon vegan toothpaste

Lebon vegan toothpaste

Fenwick has just started stocking LEBON toothpaste in the UK. This vegan brand is sexing up two categories. Vegan beauty (which, like eco-beauty before it, had an unsexy, hippyish image) and oral care. I’m obsessed with my teeth but I definitely need encouragement to do the nightly brush sometimes. LEBON’s brand of naturally-derived flavours (think orange blossom, rose and mint) and beautiful packaging does what cleansing balms did before it – turn a chore into a chic, Instagrammable experience. (Call me shallow but that’s my observation!)

Lebon vegan toothpaste
Lebon vegan toothpaste

The LEBON website proudly proclaims the whitening toothpaste as organic, vegan and eco-friendly with no parabens, no colorings, no sulphates, no fluoride and lots of other ‘nos’. And it’s not because it’s trendy. “LEBON is vegan because this is our choice, whatever the trends,” insists co-founder Richard Pallacci in an email. Prices are high at £17.99 (nope, not a typo), but it’s a price that customers are willing to pay for a product that offers choice to those who want more control over their dental hygiene.

“The LEBON products are small batches with the highest quality level on each ingredient, each part of the products is made without compromise,” says Pallacci. “That’s why it is more expensive than most of the mass market toothpastes.” If you’re the kind of person who buys into the efficacy and ethics of luxury beauty brands like Tata Harper and Suzanne Kauffman, then this will appeal.

Lebon vegan toothpaste

While we’re talking fancy toootpaste, another brand riding the posh oral care wave is Aesop. Accompanying its cult £15 mouthwash is a cardamom and wasabia Japonica-spiked toothpaste made with essential oils. At £9, it’s in line with its other utility-luxe products and will look lovely next to your wabi-sabi reclaimed bathroom tiles and rose gold taps.

But do these products work? While they don’t contain the usual toothpaste ingredients, like fluoride, they use natural substitutes (e.g. cardamom, anise and clove) that claim to keep your teeth and gums just as healthy. The bonus is that you’ll likely want to reach for these a whole lot more than generic Colgate.

UPDATE! You can down buy Lebon toothpaste at Anthropologie. Click below to shop the post…

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