Jo Malone London’s Blackberry & Bay and The Diary of a Nose

A new season equals a new fragrance, or so the glossies would have us believe. Actually I’ve been using Jo Malone London’s new Blackberry & Bay cologne since the press launch in May, when invitees were gathered in a W1 square for a breakfast picnic. Of course, it was freezing so we were swaddled under cashmere shawls, hot water bottles and outdoor heaters in typical attention-to-every-detail beauty launch style.

This non-fruity fruity fragrance started life from a nostalgic visual of blackberry-stained hands, which developed into these adorable (and very English) campaign images from Tim Walker. I like that the cologne is fruity without being too sweet or heavy. The bay leaf adds the fresh green notes that make this deliciously tart and autumnal. It’s available as a 30ml or 100ml cologne, a body creme, a handwash and also a home candle, which is already conjuring up thoughts of cosy evenings dozing in front of the central heating log fire in a Blackberry & Bay fug.

Buy Blackberry & Bay here (UK) and here (US)

On another note, I’ve just finished reading The Diary of a Nose by Jean-Claude Ellena. It’s had mixed reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Possibly because I just stumbled upon it and decided to give it a whirl without any particular expectations. I found it a lovely easy reader that meanders through a year in the life of the guy who creates the scents for Hermes. You don’t have to be particularly interested in perfume to enjoy it, it’s as much about creativity and creative processes as the fragrance industry.