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Zazzy 3d printed jewellery

Here’s an interesting brand jumping on the 3d-printing personalisation trend. These name bracelets are made to order from Zazzy, a Dutch jewellery brand that uses precious and semi-precious metals for its youthful, casual jewellery.

You can choose whatever name or word you like up to 8 letters, and its online form allows you to edit, remix and redesign your piece before ordering it in the metal of your choice. Delivery takes up to 28 days as everything is 3d-printed to order (in their words, ‘you do the chic, we’ll do the geek’) and shipped from Holland. As the brand acknowledges, 3d printing technology is quite complicated if you want to design something completely from scratch. Long term they plan to create a service where you can do just that but for now, this works for customising existing designs to your own taste.

To trial the service, I went for a gold-plated metal ‘LOVE’ bracelet which came nicely finished on a red leather cord. They also sent me my name on a black cord. This is the kind of bracelet that I’d wear layered with simple gold bangles or a stacked ring but the site offers quite a few different styles of jewellery in case that’s not your cup of tea. I think these would be perfect as party favours or prom gifts. Is there such a thing as prom gifts or did I just make that up? Anyway, everyone loves personalised accessories and the beauty of these is you can order as few or as many as you want. The bracelets cost €19.95 from