Inkkas pop-up shop at Topshop


In need of something to pep up this rain-battered week? How about these South American skate-style shoes from Inkkas? They’ve just arrived in their very own pop-up shop at Topshop Oxford Circus. It takes a lot to prize me away from my beloved Nikes and Converse but I love how Inkkas has married a classic skate shoe shape with trad Peruvian textiles. The fabrics are authentic, made by artisans in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, then hand assembled into shoes by local producers in Inkkas’ Peruvian workshops. (As a social enterprise, Inkkas also runs a number of ethical schemes to benefit South American communities and ecology.)

I see these shoes being worn on a summer adventure with slim, scissor-cropped jeans or ankle-baring chinos, plus a classic Lacoste polo in an equally eye-popping colour. And I wouldn’t be too precious with them – the more sun-beaten the better, a la the skate heroes of  70s Cali…

Inkkas Topshop 7499
Inkkas Topshop 7499 2