Christian Louboutin Beauté launches at Selfridges

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One more sleep til the Christian Louboutin Beaute? pop-up at Selfridges. As pop-ups go, I predict this is gonna be a biggie. To recap: Christian Louboutin is launching his beauty empire Christian Louboutin Beaute? with an iconic red nail colour. To experience it in the flesh, head to Selfridges Oxford Street tomorrow (ideally not all at once) where you can buy the astonishing dagger-heel shaped bottles from a dedicated ‘Loubiville’ beauty space. The pop-up will be in the main beauty hall, in front of Shu Uemura (that’s next to MAC, and on the right hand side of the Information desk). Basically, just follow the hordes of red-soled fanatics.

The pop-up will be in situ until 3rd September and once you’ve tried and liked the signature Louboutin Rouge shade, there’s the chance to explore the rest of the range. From 25th-31st August, you can buy the Noirs, Nudes and Pops (ten shades in each) in equally dramatic spike-topped bottles…

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The nail colours (don’t call them polishes) retail at £36 but are they worth it? Well for starters, the bottle is unlike any other nail colour bottle, these are seen as fabulous, fetishy objets. I guess the idea is to make painting your nails more of an event and dubious though that sounds, I think it works.

And quality-wise? I got the chance to test drive Louboutin Rouge last month and I was seriously impressed. By the seventh day, still not a single dink or chip. At the launch, we all had our nails expertly lacquered by nail artists, so I guess some credit needs to go to the skills of the manicurists. That aside though, this really is an impressive product – highly pigmented, superb shine and of course, almost indestructible (all I did was add an extra coat of top coat on day three or four)…

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