DUSAN: fashion’s best-kept secret

Dusan fashion designer

How have I not heard of Dusan before? I discovered it two days ago on a rail at The Shop Of Bluebird while prepping for a shoot – luxe tabard-esque layers that nod to The Row and Chloe in refined fabrics and muted tonal colours (with prices to match).

Amelia, the Bluebird PR told me that the collection pretty much sells itself – “we have complete sell through every season”. And she flagged up the coats especially, “every time I walk past, there’s someone trying one on”. I did some Googling and I discovered it’s a 15-year old brand, designed by Serbian-born Dusan Paunovic, based in Milan. And the best bit? Paunovic is a proud celebrity-avoider.

“At the end of the day, who cares? Who can remember what somebody wears? [Brands] give [clothes] for free, [celebrities] wear it once. I prefer, you know, a lot of very elegant, very chic, very understated people who are not celebrities. Like my usual clientele is an art gallerist or decorators or designers or architects. But always independent women,” he told the Hollywood Reporter last year. Love it! It comes as no surprise to find that Paunovic trained under Zoran and describes his collections as catering for a ‘mature taste’. He thrives on trunk shows in which he knows most of his regular customers by name.

I love the clothes and the aesthetic and I love the confidence of this designer who lets his immaculately tailored, timeless designs speak for themselves. “For years, I was the best-kept secret in Milan,” he said. “And that is my marketing.”

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Dušan (pronounced ‘duchan’) is available in store at The Shop At Bluebird. Dusan.info

WORDS: Navaz/Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl