Rings and things

Psst, don’t tell anyone but I have never got the fuss about diamonds. If anyone ever tried to give me a diamond ring, I think I’d much rather have the cash.

But I know not everyone’s like me.

Ritz Fine Jewellery has a cute little bonus if you buy your sparkler (actually any ring, including cocktail, engagement or wedding) from their shop at the Ritz Hotel. Once you have bought your ring, you can get a free manicure there and then from The Ritz Beauty salon. And if it’s an engagement ring, they throw in dinner at The Ritz as well.

All that glitters

I’m getting quite into this whole manicure malarky. Tomorrow is the IPR press day where I’ll be sniffing out the latest news on Wah Nails. Last Friday I was lucky enought to have my ragged cutlicles and dreary nails oomphed up by Sophy Robson at the Chanel press day using next spring’s colours. I chose a peachy-nude shade called Inattendu – apparently Carine Roitfeld likes the same shade (but of course).

Anyway, the real point of this preamble is to swoon over the rainbow sparkle nails in this pic from The Selby. I’m so going to try this look!

Brand nation

So it seems there is some truth in the point made in the FT, that the recession has meant designers lowering their extortionate prices and focussing on smaller (read: cheaper) goods to get their brand message across. The past few days alone have seen announcements of sunglasses launches from The Row, John Galliano, DVF and Alexander Wang. ‘Wow’ I ask myself, ‘are people really going to buy a pair of shades just because they have DVF emblazoned on the arm?’ And then I check myself because I’m the same brand whore girl whose eyes widened when I read the rumour that Burberry might be launching make-up. Wow, are people really going to buy a lipstick just because it has a Burberry logo embossed in the bullet? Er, maybe, if they identify with the brand. (Take that as a yes.)

[John Galliano Eyewear pic: Dazed Digital]