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double scarf styling

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” So said English walker Alfred Wainwright. (Or Billy Connolly, or lots of Norwegians, according to who you listen to.) If you agree and you’re reading this while sheltering from New York’s brutal winter, you have my sympathy. And a novel suggestion for staying warm; doubling up on neck wear.

This is something I used to do a lot, but I kind of forgot about it over the years. Wearing two scarves gives you double insulation as you’re trapping warmth in between the layers. The wider your scarves, the better as you’re then covering your whole neck as well as your ears.

Styling-wise, it gives you all sorts of options for colour, weight and texture play. For example, twist two complementary colours* together, wear a padded nylon scarf with a similar size wool one (above by Jil Sander* and Khaite*), or for minimal bulk, go for lighter-weight knits* (more…)

All wrapped up


We’re big scarf lovers in our house and I mean that literally. Mr DRG has so many, they’ve been assigned their own chair and I couldn’t survive the winter months without one of my many jumbo neck warmers to keep the chills away.

I like my scarves as wide as possible as I can’t bear any cool air blowing down the back of my neck. (more…)