I’d love to see Phoebe Philo at Burberry

Phoebe Philo at Burberry

Christopher Bailey is leaving Burberry next year after 17 years at the brand. I don’t often get too involved in the designer merry-go-round discussions as these days it happens so frequently. And honestly, there aren’t many designers that I’m interested in on a personal level. But Phoebe Philo’s name has been thrown in the ring and that’s one that I think would be a great coup for Burberry.

Phoebe has a genuine cool factor that someone like Stuart Vevers (whose name has also been mentioned) doesn’t have. He’s a nice guy and has done a great job at Coach but he doesn’t intrigue me. Phoebe just seems more fascinating. Remember her ragga phase? I love that there’s a real history of youth culture there, she’s the generation that would have worn Burberry (or aspired to) way back when and we all know that she’d rather be based in London. Plus rumours have been swirling that she’s ready to leave Celine. I’d love to see what she does with beauty too. (OK, Burberry Beauty is licensed but Burberry still has creative control over imagery, marketing and advertising.)

There’s nothing more seductive for a designer than getting hold of a brand that’s at a turning point. New CEO Marco Gobbetti was previously CEO of Celine; I wonder if he can persuade her…

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
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