Nail news: Givenchy’s matte nails and Dior’s cult nail creme

Givenchy matte nails in Rose Evocation and Jaune Expression
I can’t pretend I’m not thrilled that beauty is going through a natural phase for Spring. I much prefer peachy cheeks and a balmy lip to labour-intensive make-up theatrics. That said, it’s not all nude lips and smoky eyes, Givenchy’s spring palette is unapologetically candy-coloured with some fun tricks up its sleeves.

I especially love the matte nail polishes in Jaune Expression and Rose Evocation (£16.50). I road-tested the unabashed bubblegum pink of Rose Evocation at the press launch just before Christmas. The matte finish brings down the wackiness a notch and the lasting power was pretty impressive (I think I counted five days without a top coat).

If you can’t decide between the two, then why not get both? Dior has decreed duo nails a thing (a different colour on each hand) and I’ve been doing this for a while myself – it turns out to be a most time efficient way to review nail colour samples!

Speaking of Dior, in other nail news, I saw on Instagram that Dior has released a special red-cased edition of its cult Crème Abricot nail creme. I’ve been meaning to buy this forever. I always thought it was a lip balm and I was mainly attracted to the cute pot with its bright orange shiny gloop. Turns out this is a great cuticle product and now there’s a new sexier version. It doesn’t seem to be available in the UK yet but I’m going to hunt around. More info here.

Dior Creme Abricot Limited edition red packaging