These bags will be all over fashion week

Tommy Ton Celine bag

Like it or not, street style at Fashion Week is still a major barometer for the trends we’ll all be wearing in months to come. Yes it’s contrived, yes, most ‘influencers’ are wearing stuff that’s borrowed, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t carefully mapped out their outfits to the nth degree.

Here are the handbags I expect to see all over the street style round-ups. Some of them have had a lot of mileage already, but come in new colours, sizes or materials. Others are new names to know and others are established brands with new designs that they will be seeding to bloggers and editors in their hundreds. Ready to play handbag bingo? Here’s what to look for…

Bucket bags I think Staud kicked this off a few seasons ago and has gone on to produce more buckets in new colours and skins. You can also find cylindrical buckets from Nico Giani, Chloe, Boyy and on the high street at & Other Stories.

Jonathan Daniel Price Vogue Staud street style bags

Loewe Gate bag
This is distinctive with its knot detail, yet kinda classic with its saddle shape. It’s instantly recognisable so has that ‘I’m an influencer, photograph me’ vibe that showgoers love. Street style photographers love it too. It’s easy bait for them since it’s a bag that photo editors will likely be requesting, yet it comes in enough variations that it won’t look the same on everyone

Loewe Gate by Jonathan Daniel Price
Tommy Ton Loewe Gate bag

Dior Saddle bag
This 90s revivalist Dior bag was recently sent to tons of tastemakers, so some might consider it somewhat overexposed already as there was an immediate media backlash. However, it’s instant photographer-bait (see Loewe Gate above), which may well override personal preference for pro influencers, for whom visibility translates as cold hard cash
Dior Saddle bag - photo by Style Stalker

String bag
The elevated string market bag says ‘I’m too cool for a proper bag’ and it’s a nose-thumb at all the It-bag toters. And yet it’s just as strong a trend as any other statement bag. As with other Fashion Week bags, don’t try to actually put anything more than a show ticket and an apple in there. That’s what your fashion week driver is for…!
net bag at Fashion Week streetstyle shot by Tommy Ton

See-through bag
As with string bags, these are exhibitionist bags. Staud’s are the bag of choice and are best worn with simple, minimalist pieces to let the bag stand out
Jonathan Daniel Price photographs Vogue London Fashion Week street style see-through bags

Micro bag
Yes these are ridiculous, but so very photogenic. Vintage boxy bags are best for the ‘where did you get that’ factor, while structured belt bags are actually pretty practical
Tommy Ton Gucci belt bag

New names to know Net-a-Porter is backing a whole slew of emerging accessory names. It’s a smart move as these fledgling brands have huge online followings who are ready to shop. Net-a-Porter told me that they’re eyeing Wandler, Boyy, Rejina Pyo, and Gu_de (coming soon) as names worth investing in. Savvy PRs know to place these bags with younger influencers and editors whose followers like to be in on an early trend. I would also add Hunting Season (check out its mini trunk bags) and Yuzefi (love the colour block belt bag) to the list.


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/ Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: Jonathan Daniel Price; Style Stalker; Tommy Ton
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