Buy it now: Chanel 2015 spring makeup

Chanel spring 2015 makeup colours

Sometimes I think if Chanel beauty was available on prescription, it could cure a lot of ills. How’s this line-up for a tonic for the February blahs? First, the hero product, the petal-embossed Blush Camélia Rosé (£36). This powder blush is a ‘complexion beautifier’ of contrasting pinks set in a raised camellia design to highlight the theme of the collection which is inspired by Parisian gardens. Isn’t it stunning? Chanel make-up is expensive so I’m all for the added value of prettifying the product (even though in reality once you use it the effect is diminished).

Chanel spring 2015 make-up colours  Blush Camelia Rose. photo by Jacques GIRAL

Chanel spring 2015 make-up colours Blush Camelia Rose. photo by Paul LEPREUX

The lip glosses and lipsticks are probably my most used of all Chanel beauty products; the packaging, formulations, colours and textures are always just spot on. Rouge Coco Shine is the perfect spring lippie and the new Désinvolte (£25) is a good example of the shades I like – an everyday coral-based pink with added iridescence so you don’t really need a gloss on top. But if you do like gloss, then Fleur D’Eau (£22) is a gorgeous hint-of-pigment top layer (and obviously works alone too).


I love Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres eye quads (£40) but in all honesty I don’t think the new shades are that different from what I have already. If you’ve never tried them though, do give these a go, they have such a lovely, flattering finish with the gentlest touch of luminosity.

Chanel spring 2015 makeup colours. Eye quads les -4 ombres-photo by Paul LEPREUX

Chanel’s nail colours are always an exciting unveil and for Spring we’re looking at ‘Paradiso’ a pearlescent minty green, ‘Desirio’, a bold fuchsia and ‘Tenderly’, a sophisticated lilac-grey (£18 each). I think Tenderly is going to be the winner here, it’s a bit different, yet very wearable.

Chanel spring 2015 nail colours photo by Paul LEPREUX
Chanel spring 2015 nail colours

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: top to bottom: Disneyrollergirl; Jacques Giral; 4 x Paul Lepreux; Disneyrollergirl