How Nike won gold in the fashion Olympics with Martin Lotti’s Volt shoe

At a press event at the Nike athletes’ hospitality suite at the British Medical Association, I was told that there are secretive corridors at Nike HQ, where its genius geeks experiment in their out-of-bounds labs. Performance materials, electronic fitness monitoring equipment, future fashion hero products, they’re all thought up and figured out here, possibly years before coming to market. (more…)

First post: Heroic endeavours

Just arrived for my stamp collection, the new stamps designed by Paul Smith to commemorate the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. A collaboration with the Isle of Man Post Office, they come in a single miniature sheet for £3 or a hardback collector’s book for £50. Paul Smith’s racing cycling ambitions were thwarted by a road accident at the age of 17 that kept him hospitalised for three months. (more…)