What to steal from the menswear shows: Saint Laurent SS15


Leaving aside if there’s anything ‘new’ being said at Saint Laurent, on a basic ‘want’ level there’s plenty I found to love from the menswear SS15 show. Admittedly, the menswear appealed more than the women’s pieces, but then I’ve always had a thing for Cuban-heel boots and rocker jeans and those ultra-thin scarf arrangements. On the runway this is all about the casting and the styling. Yes the boys are thin, but it’s a vision we all know and relate to as the ultimate boy-in-band from our youth, whether that’s Hendrix, Jagger, Thunders, Simonon, Gillespie, Cobain or um, Doherty.

And crucially, these models look real because – duh – they are real, they’re the boys in bands of the moment, who model themselves on boys from bands gone by. On the shop floor (or the e-commerce screen) you’ll get your core luxe Saint Laurent tailoring, knits, tees and so on. But the runway is the place for brand statements of intent so Hedi’s theatrical leanings are writ large. I’d steal the studded jacket, bejewelled velvet bomber and man-blouses. The hats I can leave, ditto the crochet ponchos…

Saint-Laurent-menswear-ss15-disneyrollergirl 2
Saint-Laurent-menswear-ss15-disneyrollergirl 3
Saint-Laurent-menswear-ss15-disneyrollergirl 4
Saint-Laurent-menswear-ss15-disneyrollergirl 5
Saint-Laurent-menswear-ss15-disneyrollergirl 6
Saint-Laurent-menswear-ss15-disneyrollergirl 7
Saint-Laurent-menswear-ss15-disneyrollergirl 8

And here, apropos of nothing just cos it’s a brilliant tune and has cute boys with long hair, is an old video from S.C.U.M

[Images: Style.com; Instagram/@DazedMagazine]