Louis Vuitton fragrance for men is coming

Louis Vuitton fragrance for men

When Louis Vuitton launched its very ‘feminine’ floral and oriental Les Parfums line in 2016, it swerved the trend of the moment by marketing it strictly to women and not as gender-neutral.

As I expected, it has now brought out a men’s collection.

Gender-neutral fragrances are great (I prefer them as they usually feature either clean, green and citrusy notes, or smoky woods and leathers), but for a brand they have fewer marketing opportunities. Have two collections and you can market twice, once to men (and of course, some women will buy those) and again to women. It costs more to produce and market two collections but for traditional cashed-up luxury houses, that’s not really a problem.

The six Louis Vuitton men’s fragrances include a delicious-sounding cocoa and saffron-heavy gourmand called ‘Nouveau Monde’ and a heavy oud, ‘Ombre Nomade’ made from pure oud oil, which is only for the Middle Eastern market. Then there are the citruses, of which ‘Sur La Route’ (below), comprised of Calabria citrus, cedar, bergamont, lemon, pink peppercorn and grass sounds like my kind of summer holiday scent. ‘Au Hassard’ also sounds evocatively place-centric with its notes of Sri Lankan sandalwood, ambrette seed, cardamom and musk. (Louis Vuitton is all about travel, remember.) As with the women’s collection, the nose is Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, who has been working on this collection ‘for years’.

Louis Vuitton fragrance for men - Sur La Route

The fragrance is packed in similarly understated apothecary-style bottles as the women’s (so we could say the packaging is gender neutral) and will launch from May 31st in Louis Vuitton stores and at louisvuitton.com. Of course I’ll be seeking them out…

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