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I’ve spent the last month in a wellness bubble, reading up on the apparently $8 billion industry. Like most people, I had zero interest in mindfulness, self-care and sheet masking rituals five years ago, yet here I am, as obsessed with meditation apps and rose quartz rollers as the next person. I wonder what came first – our anxiety-ridden culture or the industry that told us we need CBD facials and sound baths to stay sane?

I don’t have the answer, but my weakness is anything ritualistic that promises to counter the pressures of digital overstimulation and my not-done to-do list. As expected, retailers are bang on this wellness boom. As a committed hypochondriac Virgo, one of my favourite retail experiences is a mooch around the aisles of John Bell & Croyden.

The 108-year-old pharmacy is a beacon of beauty in Marylebone. It’s the Queen’s pharmacist and also the place where Harley Street plastic surgeons send their patients to get their prescriptions filled. But as well as selling loads of cult skincare brands (Oskia, Zelens, Skinceuticals…), it seems to be ramping things up on the wellness front.

Here are a few highlights from the recent John Bell & Croyden beauty press day (some of these items were given as press gifts).

Unsexy as it sounds; oral care is the next big untapped beauty opportunity. My hygienist told me off for over brushing and under flossing, so this new Japanese-German ION-Sei toothbrush (top and below) instantly piqued my interest. It looks like a regular electric toothbrush, but uses ultra violet LED light and a titanium dioxide bar secreted in the handle to release negative electrons. This patented technology breaks down any bacteria in the teeth and stems plaque build-up. As you get older, you realise it’s gum disease and not tooth decay that’s the real enemy of your mouth, with badly looked after gums receding, causing teeth to loosen and fall out.

The ION-Sei toothbrush comes with quite a big brush head, but if you’re used to a diddy Oral-B style round head, you can opt for the small-sized attachments instead. The bristles are softer than my Oral-B and you can choose from three speeds (I use the lightest one). Apparently, you don’t even need toothpaste. You still have to floss, but overall this is designed to cut down on bacteria. I’ve been feeling a super-clean mouth for the last six weeks or so that I’ve been using it. Bonus tip: my hygienist advises to use mouthwash before brushing and to go to bed without completely rinsing the toothpaste away (you should still spit it out, obv). The ION-Sei toothbrush launches at John Bell & Croyden this month,

ION sei toothbrush

Still on the oral-care tip, the minimalist-chic packaging by perfume-based toothpaste brand Selahatin (below) promises to make the business of brushing a whole lot less of a chore. These whitening toothpastes have poetic names like ‘Escapist’ and ‘Hypnotist’, flavoured with anise honey and cinnamon and contain an organic, anti-inflammatory whitening ingredient that comes from the Edelweiss flower, which helps regenerate irritated gums. They come in aluminium tubes, which have a smaller carbon footprint than plastic.
Selahatin toothpaste

These Zooki Vitamin C Liposomal sachets (top) are, frankly, genius. They contain a sweet, gel-liquid of ‘liposomal’ Vitamin C, for when you feel like you’re running on empty or about to come down with something. The Vitamin C is encapsulated inside spheres of liposomes, which helps the Vitamin C to be absorbed by the body instead of peeing it all out. It’s sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan. But more importantly, it works and the sachets are super-convenient to carry around. (They’re also considered to be good for collagen production.) I buy mine individually for £2, or you can buy a pack of 30. You can squeeze one straight into your mouth (it’s delicious if you have a sweet tooth) or mix it into water.

EVERYTHING OIL Naturally there’s a big focus on eco beauty brands and one of the products I’ve been using a lot is the multi-tasking Viridian Nutrition Repair 5 Serum (top). This Soil Association-certified organic black seed oil serum can be used on face, body and hair and seemingly tackles a multitude of ailments, from painful joints, to acne, eczema and psoriasis.

GREEN TAMPONS There’s been a lot of buzz around eco feminine hygiene products lately – from moon cups, to non-plastic applicator tampons. British brand Grace & Green tampons are made with certified organic cotton, using biodegradable cardboard applicators. They also work with a manufacturer who uses renewable energy and they have developed their own recyclable packaging.
Grace and Green tampons

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
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