Short hair muse: Jenny Brunt

Jenny Brunt for Gap photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

Jenny Brunt always had the best short hair and going by her Instagram, she still has.

My friend Magazine Fan alerted me to Iconic Focus (what a great name), the model agency that now represents one of my favourite 90s models and others of a similar life stage. This Gap shot (above) was always a favourite. And here she is now…

Jenny Brunt Iconic Focus

When I think back to why I always gravitated towards a ‘garçonne’ style (a bit boyish but not totally unisex), it’s because I was a skinny kid growing up during a big 50s revival. We were all obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and vintage 50s dresses, but that look didn’t suit my body shape.

So instead I was drawn to the androgynous Buffalo look in The Face and i-D which was more about mixing things up. Pretty boys in pinstripe Jean-Paul Gaultier skirts or crop-haired girls in bondage trousers and a Ralph Lauren Victoriana shirt. Jeny Howorth and Jean Seberg in Breathless turned me onto the idea of short hair and a few years later I went to Buffalo hairdressers CUTS to get my bob chopped to a crop. I’ve been going there ever since – after all, why mess with a classic?

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: Patrick Demarchelier/Gap; Iconic Focus
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